R. A. Torrey

Feb 062012
The Myth of the Weaker Vessel

In response to a popular pastor’s perplexing pronouncement that “God has given Christianity a masculine feel,” Rachel Held Evans asked Christian men to write a blog post “that celebrates the importance of women in the Church.” Here’s mine. Lately, both from online creepers and respectable preachers, I’ve seen several comments that come back to one […]

Oct 142011
Did I Miss God's Will for My Life? (By R. A. Torrey)

Originally published in The King’s Business, June 1913, pp. 292-297. I recently received a letter from one who is evidently an earnest Christian woman but who was in a condition of great depression because some years ago, when in college, she felt that perhaps she was called to go to China but did not want to go […]

Jun 102011
How God Guides (by R. A. Torrey)

​This article was written by R. A. Torrey, and it's been especially instructive to me. For more writings and Bible studies by Torrey, visit the R. A. Torrey Archive. For a hymn with lyrics by R. A. Torrey, check out Bless Thou Jehovah on my New Creation CD. — Eric *      *      * "Yet I am […]

Feb 122011
New Creation #2: Bless Thou Jehovah (R. A. Torrey)

Second in a series featuring songs from my CD New Creation. For more information, read this link. The Song   Behind the Song R. A. Torrey was a 19th-century evangelist known for his commitment to the Word of God and the message of the Gospel. As a pastor, evangelist, teacher, author, and scholar, he has an enduring […]

Aug 102010
Reader Question: Did Jesus Teach Legalism?

Site reader and frequent commenter OneSurvivor (who by the way has quite a good blog on abuse-related issues) has rediscovered the best way to get me to write a post: Ask me a good question! No really, do; it gets me talking like nothing else. She recently sent in this comment: I have to ask. […]

May 142010
"Is Not God’s Word as Good as Mine?": R. A. Torrey on Salvation and Assurance

The 19th-century evangelist R. A. Torrey had a truly remarkable knack for explaining the Bible with striking clarity. Here is one of my favorite stories from his ministry, his account of creatively explaining to a worried young man exactly how and why he could have assurance of his salvation. It’s been known to encourage other […]