Jun 072011

If you like my music,

Or Carrie's music, 

Or Jenna's music,

Then you'll really like this:


It's the brand-new website for Thornfield​, which is the brand-new name of our collective band. It fits precisely in the "acoustic singer-songwriter folk jazz classical blues" genre. I play the part of a keyboardist / vocalist / multi-instrumentalist, which seems to suit the purpose. (To answer the inevitable question about the picture above, it's called a melodica.) 

Most of the information you want can be found on the website, so rather than detain you here, I'll give you a few quick bullet points:

  • If you listen to the recordings, which I heartily recommend, you'll notice the new song "Dinosaur" with music by yours truly and lyrics by Mr. Pond. Mr. Pond also did the lyrics for "Sparrows." If he keeps this up we'll have to make him an unofficial band member.
  • If you're in the Chicago area in the near future, there may be a concert in your neighborhood. 
  • We're also on Facebook and Twitter and MySpace and ReverbNation and all that kind of stuff, for those who like to get connected.

So, check it out and let us know what you think. Hope to see you at one of our concerts someday soon!

Thanks as ever for your loyal support.